YOLENY 11′ x 13′ Wood Gazebo Outdoor Gazebo Cedar Framed Gazebo with Black Steel Hardtop Roof for Garden, Patio, Lawns, Parties


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YOLENY is known for its consistent innovation, top quality, and great designs. We specialize in making the best outdoor furniture made just for you. As a traditional manufacturer, we won the trust and support from customers at home and abroad.

At YOLENY, we aim to create incredible and professionally made products to satisfy the needs of your every day life. Our experienced service team will also help you every step of the way with your purchase.

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【PREMIUM CEDAR】Cedar’s excellence in appearance and performance makes it the perfect choice for a solid wood gazebo. Perfect texture, top tone, soft-touch bring you to feel the original beauty of nature. It can effectively prevent corrosion while emitting a natural fragrance. The tough texture and non-deformable properties make it stay by your side for a long time.
【HARDTOP STEEL ROOF】The safest shade is provided by a metal hardtop roof, allowing you to enjoy a covered area outdoors all year round. High-quality steel trim with special powder coating to effectively block UV rays. The meticulous finish makes you do not have to worry about rainwater corroding the roof.
【PRACTICAL DESIGN】The scientific roof slope design effectively prevents rainwater from accumulating. The ubiquitous triangular structure and the reinforced rust-proof iron sheets at the joints greatly enhance the stability of the gazebo. Create ambiance by hanging chandeliers from the ceiling hook for functional lighting and premium design. The uprights are pre-drilled for easy placement in your open space.
【ROOTED IN THE GROUND】Amazing stability is ensured by the sturdy solid wood frame and hardtop roof. The solid wood support columns at the four corners are as stable as large trees rooted to the ground. The triangular roof effectively disperses the force while preventing water accumulation. Whether it is windy or snowing, the stability of the gazebo can be guaranteed.
【MULTIPLE USAGE】Move indoor enclosed living to a fresh oasis outdoors, the perfect place to entertain family and friends. Perfect for backyard decks, lawns, outdoor patios, or near the pool, it’s the perfect place to go, whether it’s a post-dinner chat with neighbors and friends or an outdoor barbecue game event on a weekend afternoon.

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