WWE Wrekkin’ Randy Orton 6-inch Action Figure with Pull-Back Activated Move Like Slamming, Punching or Kicking, Lock Tight Grip & Wreckable Accessory


Get ready for the ultimate wreck-a-thon with WWE Wrekkin’ action figures!
Approximately 6-inches in size, each Wrekkin’ action figure has a distinct action move like slamming, punching or kicking that is activated by pull-back motion.
Each action figure also comes with a wreckable accessory like a ladder, breakable table or 2 chairs.
Choose from John Cena, Matt Hardy, Undertaker, AJ Styles and other marquee Superstars!
Accessories are designed for easy re-assembly so kids can play out the wrecking action again and again!
Let the wrecking action begin!
For ages 6 and up.

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