WWE Road to Wrestlemania Board Game, Action Packed WWE Games with WWE Elite Legends and Action Cards


WWE Road to Wrestle-mania Board-game. The WWE Road to Wrestlemania Game takes its players on a wild ride through the WWE Universe, winding around the star studded track, with the object to be the first to arrive at WrestleMania,The Showcase of the Immortals! Opponents race around the board by picking up critical victories and valuable advantages, while fending off challenges, painful moves and heartbreaking defeats. Pay special attention to the WWE legend action cards, as they can either help of hurt a players chances of winning the game! Loads of fun and perfect for the entire family.
Road to Wrestlemania where players go on a wild ride in the WWE ring to get to Wrestlemania games
Fun action games where players face opponents, draw cards to direct their next move on this WWE game
WWE wrestling games are perfect board games for families to take on trips or to a friend’s house
WWE toys make a great gift for adults, kids that are ready to showcase their favorite wrestling toys
This travel board games includes WWE board game, 40 WWE Cards and 4 player pieces. For ages 6 and up

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