winemana 40% Black Shade Cloth, 10 x 14 FT Durable Mesh Tarp with Grommets, Resistant Garden Sun Shade Netting, Shading Antifreezing for Pergola, Greenhouse, Plants Growing, Chicken Coop


Product Description


winemana Shade Cloth

Our product can create shade anywhere you like. Its portable design, simple operation and durable materials make it become the best choice for all types of shadow applications. Our products have a wide range of applications. It is wonderful to create a comfortable shaded area for you, your family, your pets and gardens.


There are four types of our products. Different types of our products can meet your different needs. The 40% shading rate is suitable for plant and vegetable sun protection. The 50% shading rate is suitable for growing plants and recreational areas. The 70% shading rate is suitable for seeding production and plants which do not like sunshine. The 90% shading rate is suitable for outdoor construction, dog house shading and so on.









Our products are suitable for outdoor use. You can protect plants with this shade cloth. It can cover garden, nursery, greenhouse, your pool, garage, hoop structures and so on. With our product, you will have better outdoor living conditions.

We use lock-stitch knitting technology to make sure our product will not unravel. It also plays a role in preventing the accumulation. The cloth shade is designed with taped edge and is reinforced to ensure the durability and extra strength.

Our product is made from high density polyethylene which will make the cloth light and durable and provide maximum airflow and stretch-ability. The highlight of our products is that there are grommets in each sides every 20″ or so which allows you to hang our Sunblock Shade Cloth freely and easily.

Our Sunblock Shade Cloth can resist rays and most sunlight while air still flow through. Therefore, it is more conducive to their growth and protection especially for plants. And our products have different light transmittance, which can better adapt to the development and needs of a variety of plants.

40% Shade Percentage

50% Shade Percentage

70% Shade Percentage

90% Shade Percentage

High Shade Rate – Our Shade Cloth can resist rays and most sunlight while air can still flow through so as to create a comfortable cool and shaded place for people or plants.It blocks 40% of the sunshine and bring 40% the shadow, so 60% of the sunshine can through it.
Best Material – Shade Cloth Made from high density polyethylene which is lightweight but durable. The material provides maximum airflow and stretch-ability. Provide shade in Summer and anti-freezing in Winter, used for greenhouses, plant, flowers, fruits cover, block the sun, with heat, moisture.
Best Technology – Lock-stitch knitting technology can prevent unraveling and accumulating. Designed with taped edge and reinforced corner, our Sun Shade Cloth ensures durability and extra strength.
Easy Set up – There are grommets in each sides every 40 inches. They are located along the entire reinforced edges. You can hang our Sunblock Shade Cloth freely and easily without any worry about tearing up.
Useful Shade Cloth – Since the cloth is made of stretchy fabric, the side length may vary due to the manual measurement, but the area of the cloth is constant. Our Sunblock Shade Cloth is perfect for pool, yard and garage to create the perfect shade for your family. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can contact us for return, refund or replacement.

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