Trefl 916 29047 Tritt dem Universum bei, Marvel Avengers 1000 Teile, Panorama, Premium Quality, für Erwachsene und Kinder ab 12 Jahren 1000pcs Join Universe, Coloured


The puzzle game is made from high quality materials, using calendered, light-reflecting special paper, which makes the pieces easier to assemble. Trefl jigsaw puzzle is made in Poland, natural materials are used for production. We know how important your child’s safety is to you. We strive to make our puzzle games not only attractive to children and stimulate their development at all times, but also to meet the highest safety requirements. Puzzles have many advantages. It is a very good method of memory and concentration exercise. It also promotes logical thinking. You can also learn patience, develop creativity and three-dimensional imagination. Puzzle games contribute to the development of manual skills in a child. When assembling the parts, movement precision and hand-eye coordination are trained.
1000pcs Panorama – Join The Marvel Universe

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