TooTaci Sun Shade Sail Hardware Kit 6 inch with 4×100cm Chain Rope,304 Stainless Steel Shade Sail Installation Kit Rectangle,Heavy Duty Sun Shade Hardware Kit,Use for Patio,Garden Rectangle Shade Sail


【6inch Sun Shade Hardware kit with Chain Cable】– comes with 4pcs M6 snap hook, 4pcs M6 turnbuckle hook and hook , 4pcs M6 pad eye hook,18pcs screw , 18pcs Plastic expansion ,4pcs 100cm hanging chain and 2pcs chain buckle – Total 54pcs fitting.
【Easy installation】–6-8.4inch adjustment turnbuckle hook and hook for shade sail can help shade sail be attached to any concrete wall,billboard or other structure,between trees, walls or anywhere you want; Hanging chain we provide can be adjust the length easily and replace any rope you want ,made of 304 stainless steel ,provide good supports to your sun shade sails and don’t need worry it become loosen in wind or rainly .
【Sun Shade Installation Kit】– Sun Shade Hardware kit All Made of Marine Grade 304 stainless steel, offers best corrosion resistance and rust resistance,The addition of the chemical component Mo prevents the corrosion of seawater salts.the hardware can help shade sail be sturdy in any weather !
Great marine quality sail shade hardware kit provide enough options to get your sunshade installed. enjoy time with your family in spring or autumn on your backyard , can able to get outdoor shades for patio avoid sunlights in summer,also was able to give a support that fit shed to attach tarps for storm season .
【Application】– 6inch Shade Sails Installation Kit with Chain Rope perfect for use on your patio, garden shade sail installation ,wood pergola shade ,patio cover or porch ,sun tarp ,canopy,pool shade…

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