Titan Hero Series Exclusive 20 Figure Set Cake Decoration


Creative role-playing: these are all great for role-playing. Role-playing games can improve children’s ability to solve problems and make them braver. It can also stimulate children’s creativity and imagination.
Important teamwork: teamwork is very important, especially for these influential people. Being a great person requires teamwork. When your children play with their friends, it can help them understand the importance of teamwork.
Note: Due to the differences between computer monitors and camera monitors, there are also differences in color.
Perfect adventure experience: adventure depends on the imagination of your lovely children! You can use your favorite characters to create new adventures. With these familiar characters, children can create their own adventures in fighting crime and make their favorite scenes from the movies, which makes their imagination soar. Perfect gift for any celebrity fan! Your favorite character is waiting for you!
The number GB includes 20 colorful numbers.

You can get 20 Super hero Figures, about 1.6inch
Team work is very important, When your children play with their friends,And they have enough people to figure
Children can create new adventures with your favorite character-action figures.
They are a great gift for children over 3 years old.

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