SUIT YOURSELF Captain America Shield for Adults, Marvel Comics, 24” Diameter, Plastic with Adjustable Hand Grips


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Party City Header featuring Avengers themed costumesParty City Header featuring Avengers themed costumes

The shieldThe shield

Product Details Shield

Warning: Intended for adult use only

Recommended for ages 14 and up

Serve Some American-style Justice! Step into the shoes of your favorite avenger with this Captain America Shield!

Show off your best crime-fighting moves and represent the American spirit when you take up this shield and defend the world against evildoers. Complete your heroic look with this 24” dia. vacuform plastic shield, designed to look just like Steve Rodgers’.

The shield

The shield

Classic Captain America Halloween Muscle Costume for Men

Classic Captain America Halloween Muscle Costume for Men

Captain America Halloween Costume Classic for Boys

Captain America Halloween Costume Classic for Boys

Measuring 2′ across, the shield features 3 stripes in red and silver and a blue circle with a star in the middle at the center. Being made out of plastic, it is lightweight and easy to carry around thanks to the adjustable hand grips on the back.

Of course, no accessory is complete without an outfit to complete. Pair this shield with our Classic Captain America Halloween Muscle Costume for Men which includes a padded muscle jumpsuit, mask and a brown utility belt.

From grown-ups to kids, there’s a superhero disguise for everyone! The 24″ shield is suitable for ages. 14 and up. If your avenger needs something on the smaller side, we also offer a kids’ shield measuring 12.5″ across.

Your Star-Spangled Man is ready for action with a Captain America Muscle Costume. He’ll be dressed for heroics in a polyester jumpsuit with soft molded muscles, a fabric hood mask and a functional utility belt. Bad guys beware! Become the patriotic protector in a Captain America Costume! It includes a jumpsuit printed with red and white stripes, a white star and a utility belt. A fabric hood creates the look of his mask and provides the finishing touch. This lightweight shield shall complete your kid’s Avenger costume. This licensed Marvel prop features a red, white and blue pattern with a silver star in the center. Adjust the fit for awesome poses and playtime with the adjustable hand grips.

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Jumpsuit, Proton Pack, Name Badges Mask, Jumpsuit Jumpsuit, Mask, Gloves Tailcoat, Pants, Bowtie, Mask Inflatable Jumpsuit

Your own Steve Rogers is ready to connect up with the Avengers with Captain America Shield, embodying the greatest qualities of the American spirit
Be more than just a kid from Brooklyn when you complete your costume while wielding the red, white and blue with this vacuform plastic shield with adjustable hook and loop fastened hand grips
Your Cap can do this all day when armed with this officially licensed Marvel lightweight shield measuring 24” in diameter
The First Avenger needs his trusty shield for Halloween, costume parties, birthdays, July 4th, Avengers group cosplay, Instagram videos and more
Warning: Intended for adult use only; Recommended for ages 14 and up

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