Portable Air Conditioner Fan, GREATSSLY Personal Evaporative Air Cooler Small Room Air Conditioner Portable with 3 Fan Speeds, 7 Color LED Night Light, Humidifiers Function for Bedroom, Home, Office.


Small but Mighty Mini Air Conditioner Fan: can serve as a desk fan, a small air conditioner, a cool mist humidifier. All three capabilities can work at once to make the space around you both cool and humidified.
Fast Cooling, Fast Comfort: enjoy cool air in summer with this compact a/c portable air conditioner fan, it turns hot, dry air into cool, refreshing, misty air in a short time thanks to the efficient evaporative air cooling filter.
Adjustable Wind Speed: conjure a personalized chilly breeze with evaporative cooler. It has 3 wind speeds that allow you to control the intensity of the flow, and the air vent is adjustable to aim the air wherever you want it.
7 Colored LED Light Options: the light of this air cooler can continuously cycle through all of the colors to make for a relaxing ambiance at night, there is also option to keep the light only one color. Ideal to keep in a kid’s bedroom to keep the room cool and beautiful.
Energy-Efficient: uses much less energy than traditional or larger portable AC units, lower family’s electricity bills, and offer an efficient cooling method because you can place it around you to shoot the cold air exactly where you need it most.
Space-saving and Portable: small portable air conditioner in compact size which make it take very little space on your desk side or bed side table.
Easy to Use: you can add water with crushed ice to make the air even cooler or a few drops of essential oils to make your sleep even comfort. 2-hour and 4-hour timer easy to set up.

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