Officially Licensed Marvel: 9 Different Male Venomized Characters / Heroes Limited Edition Metal-based and Enamel Lapel Pin Set. ( Amazon Exclusive ).


Venom is one of the greatest foes in the Marvel Universe and has had symbiotic relationships with many characters in the Marvel Universe, including Spider-Man, Ghost-Spider, Miles Morales, Iron Man, Groot, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange, and the Hulk. All of their Venomized forms are represented in this collectible Marvel pin set. Wear the pins and be your own taste of fashion or display them in your Marvel toy, pins, costumes, and other Marvel collectibles or with Marvel Legends-branded boxes. Grab these Marvel enamel pins for yourself or for gifting to your friends, family, and for pin and toy collectors. It is perfect not only for Marvel fans but for pin collectors. Become one of the owners to have these enamel pins before it will be out of stock, you will never regret purchasing this limited edition pin set. Your Marvel collection will never be complete without these amazing amazon exclusive products. Be one with the Marvel Legends and experience to be a real hero and save the whole universe and multiverse because In Heroes We trust! Have your collection at its best with this Xmen origin pin set that will surely hype up your collection, Be the best fan marvel ever have.
VENOMIZED – The Poisons arrive at Earth after stealing a shipment of weaponized symbiotes and adding a teenage Jean Grey to their ranks, right in time for Venomized.
MATERIAL AND DIMENSION – These Lapel pins are metal-based and decorated with enamel. Pins surely crafted to its finest. The Sizes of the Pin range from 4 – 5. 2cm
VENOMIZED CHARACTER 9 PIN SET – These Pin Set includes 9 Venomized Marvel Male Characters. A variation is always enjoyable and exciting but for Marvel fans, this pin set is a great addition to your collections.A perfect gift for any occasion.
BE YOUR OWN STYLE – Showcase your own taste of fashion with these Marvel Legends Enamel Pins. Wear anytime and anywhere. These disney pins are a perfect add on to your lanyards, backpacks and even with your outfits. If you have a Venomized Costume, shirt, or any Marvel outfit, you can easily accessorize it with these pins. Our Accessories, Your Fashion.
EXCLUSIVE VENOMIZED CHARACTER SET – This Limited Edition Venomized Characters Lapel Pin Set exclusively runs 5,000 limited stock on Amazon.
BECOME ONE WITH THE POISONS – Be more powerful than ever. Make your Marvel collection hyped-up with this limited edition Venomized Lapel Pin Set. Get yours now!

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