NIQUEA.D Valentine’s Day Card, From Your Favorite Pooch, Includes a Unique Sentiment and Coordinating Envelope (NVD-0061), 4.5″ x 6.25″


NIQUEA.D is for the individual with an imaginative and inquisitive spirit who aspires to gather enrichment through treasured relationships, beauty, culture, and a worldly view. Let’s embrace life’s journey and appreciate the ever-changing path. Enjoy nature’s bounty, marvel at your surrounds, seek joy in simple pleasures, celebrate meaningful connections and embrace all that life has to offer. This is what it means to have a Noteworthy Life.
Valentine’s Day Card from your dog. Cover reads “Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite human, with love, from your favorite pooch. (PS. Belly rubs for everyone! Hint Hint)
Interior Sentiment: AND MUCH LOVE ALL AROUND
Valentine’s Day card measures 4.5 x 6.25″ and comes with a coordinating envelope and its own specialty NIQUEA.D gold faux-wax envelope seal.
NIQUEA.D believes in a world where moments, relationships and gestures of kindness are always noteworthy. We embrace authentic emotions- both lasting and in the moment. We encourage relationships that endure and enhance our lives.

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