New Traditional Area Rug Scatter 2×3 Red Foyer Rugs 2×4 Persian All-Over Style Bathroom Burgundy Carpet Washable Rugs, 2×3 Door Mat


For the perfect combination of unique, beautiful style and high-quality durability, look no further than the this Beverly Hills area rugs collection. The tightly stitched, hand-carved top brings a unique touch of class to any room. This rug is soft under the door and features low pile so it won’t get stuck under the door. The attention to detail on these beautiful Persian rugs is noticed as soon as you lay eyes on the carpet. Clean, Traditional designs along with well-matched, blended color schemes match well with all styles of furniture and art. Is an ideal choice for the Traditional family room. Made of high quality 100 percent heat-set soft pile yarns, these area rugs are built with durability and quality in mind. The rug will stay looking and feeling new for a long time, even in high-traffic areas of the home or office. This rug is easy to clean and washable so if you have pets or want your rug to look new each time you vacuum it, we definitely recommend this rug to you.
Durable and resistant to soiling, stain, and fading.
Feels soft under the foot and vivid colors won’t fade over time. This Rug will instantly add fashion to any room’s decor. This rug features trendy colors as well as its design.
Beautiful, blended colors along with clean, easy-to-match designs make this rug perfect for any room, home or office.
Enhanced soft pile keeps dirt out and keeps these rugs looking great for years. This is a low pile rug and very easy to clean & vacuum, pet friendly and 100% washable rug.

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