ICOGARDEN Patio Shade Cloth with grommets 5×10 feet for Outdoor or Balcony Privacy with 50% Blockage Screen


ICOGARDEN. Black Shade Cloth.
🏘️ Mesh Tarp of 50%. It blocks SUN and Wind. Also it give you Privacy on patios or balcony
πŸŒ€ It comes with 18 grommets every 50cms. and 20 tie wraps as a gift for installation
πŸ•ΆοΈ Made of HDPE, UV resistant. 50% Shade Cloth. Water resistant.
πŸŒ… It can be used as a cover on Greenhouse for giving solar screen protection to plants, for Chicken coops or any other Outdoor facilities: Apartment Balconies, Porch, Deck, Courtyards, Trampoline, Garden.
πŸ“ SIZE: 5feet(H) x 10feet(L).
πŸ”’ WARRANTY. If you have any problem with the product, feel free to contact us.

✳️ PRIVACY. Shade screen provides you privacy while you are resting on your terrace, balcony or backyard. You can have your most welcoming outdoor places. Balcony cover. Balcony shade screen. Balcony sun shade.
β˜€οΈ SUNSHADE. Shade cloth made of HDPE UV (high density polyethylene) offers you 50% sunscreen ideal for growing plants and recreational areas. With the use of this mesh you can protect your outdoor areas from the direct rays of the sun by installing it in your pergolas, terraces, children’s play areas, swimming pools and others. Outdoor sun shades for patio.
πŸŒ€WIND and RAIN. This shade cloth allows the passage of air and rain by 50%. It protects your plants from direct rays of sun while allowing water and air pass through. Ideal for plantings, chicken farms, rest areas in your yard where you do not have to worry about standing water on the shade cloth.
🧰 EASY INSTALLATION. It comes with 18 grommets every 50cms for a good stretch when installing it. You do not have to worry about it being well stretched since the entire edge is reinforced and has enough grommets.
🧢 TIE WRAPS. It comes with a kit of 20 tie wraps (Free Accessories) for easy installation in deck, greenhouses, terraces, balconies, playground or in agricultural or animal outdoor areas.

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