FLSXC Garden Gazebo Curtains in White Outdoor Curtains Heavy-Duty Tarpaulin Porch Patio Gazebos Plastic Cover for Pergola (Color : Clear, Size : 10′ x 12′)


🌈 Outdoor Curtains/ Garden Gazebo Curtains

【Product manual】
Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC material)
Thickness: About 0.5Mm±0.02mm
Hole Distance: 50Cm(Customizable)
Weight: 500G/㎡
Waterproof Index: 100%
Transparency Index: 100%
Process: Machine Splicing
Color: white and Transparent

√ Size: Width × Length (Customizable)
We make custom size covers of your choice using the latest UV Printing Technology. Message us to get your custom size cover.

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▶ CUSTOMIZABLE: Everything can be customized. Such as: edge, hole position, hole distance, shape, color, size, etc. Our tailor-made outdoor curtains are made to measure for a perfect fit that provides easy handling, hanging, and maintenance.
▶ LONG-TERM REPEATED USE: 0.5mm thick, durable PVC fabric. The fabric is waterproof, dustproof, does not break after repeated folding, and is resistant to cold and high temperatures. High-quality materials make it usable for many years.
▶ SEE THROUGH CURTAIN: This exterior curtain is designed to manage the exterior space from the deck to the porch to the pavilion. By changing the style and using these high-quality transparent curtains, you can effectively isolate the cold wind outside and keep the interior warm.
▶ EASY TO INSTALL: There is a rust-proof buttonhole on the top of the transparent curtain, the distance is about 30cm;You can use hooks, steel wires, and ropes to pass through the buckles for push-pull disassembly.
▶ WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: It can be hung on gardens, lawns, tents, roofs, terraces, pergola covers, camping tents, car covers, pavilions, household tarps, etc. It can also be used for covering items of wood, ships, grains, and some equipment

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