E&K Patio Pergola Shade Cover Replacement Retractable Awning Waterproof Canopy Shade Wave Sail Slide Wire Awning Shade for Backyard Deck 4’x12′ Light Grey


Retractable shade cover- You control how much you want to open and close the panels and ultimately how much sunlight and shade you want. It will also improve the appearance of your pergola, providing your pergola or patio with a fashion, elegant, attractive look.
Please note: The length listed already include the hanging swag at intervals of 2ft each section. Each panel measures about 2.5ft long if fully straighten out. Moreover, customers can set their desired distance of each panel to control the flatness of your canopy with the provided control tape.
With this retractable canopy, you can have lunch, dinner, parties or rest under your pergola during hot seasons. It blocks up to 95% UV sunlight. Protect your furniture from fading. Cool down your outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces whenever you want.
Unique designed fabric- Manufactured with waterproof fabric, providing up to 95% UV protection. You can easily pull back the shade panels or secure it in the retracted position tight when not in use or when strong wind, snow, hail or other inclement weather approaches. This will definitely extend the life of the canopy.
Ideal for wood pergola, gazebo, patio, deck. With the supporting wire cable and pad eyes, it can be installed even between two opposing walls to provide shade. Customized size available. Feel free to contact us via “contact seller”, if you have any concerns.

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