Coolaroo 302245 6X15 90% Uv Wheat Shade, 6′ x 15′


Coolaroo bulk shade fabric is great for do it yourself projects on porches, gazebos, courtyards, pool areas, play areas, privacy fences, car ports, entry ways, dog runs, garden areas and for RV and recretional. There are countless options for stylish applications of shade fabric in virtually any location. The fabric can be cut for a custom fit and anchored with butterfly clips, timber fasteners or with lacing cord & needle or tie wraps. Easy to clean, just wash with soap and hose down to maintain that new look. Coolaroo fabric provides superior UV protections and is up to 32% cooler underneath. Measures 3-feet when folded.
Provides up to 90-percent UV block
Manufactured of High Density Polyethylene which is knitted instead of woven, allowing heat and humidity to rise through fabric while reducing ambient air temperatures up to 33%
Specialized fabric is stain and will not fade
Easy to clean, simply hose off with water
Weather fabric
Protects with up to 90% UV block , Easy to clean
Allows cover to ‘Breathe’ reducing temperatures underneath by up to 32%

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