Clear Pergola Side Panels with Eyelets Pergola Curtains WaterproofSun Transparent Tarpaulin 0.5 mm Thick Anti-Tear for Gazebo Porch Pergola (Color : Yellow, Size : 5×2.5m/16.4×8.2ft)


➤Name: outdoor curtain/tent side panel/transparent tarpaulin

Material: PVC soft glass
Dimensions: W x L: 1x2m/3.3×6.6ft , 1×2.2m/3.3×7.2ft , 1×2.5m/3.3×8.2ft , 1.2×1.8m/3.9×5.9ft , 1.2x2m/3.9×6.6ft , 1.2 x2.5m/3.9×8.2ft , 1.5x2m/4.9×6.6ft , 1.5×2.5m/4.9×8.2ft , 1.6×1.8m/5.2×5.9ft , 1.6x2m/5.2×6.6ft , 1.6×2.5m/ 5.2×8.2ft , 1.7x2m/5.6×6.6ft , 1.7×2.5m/5.6×8.2ft , 1.8x2m/5.9×6.6ft , 1.8×2.2m/5.9×7.2ft , 1.8×2.5m/5.9×8.2ft , 1.9x2m/6.2×6.6ft , 1.9×2.2m/6.2×7.2ft , 1.9×2.5m/6.2×8.2ft , 2x2m/6.6×6.6ft , 2×2.2m/6.6×7.2ft , 2×2.5m/6.6 x8.2ft , 2.1×2.2m/6.9×7.2ft , 2.1×2.5m/6.9×8.2ft , 2.2×2.5m/7.2×8.2ft , 2.5×2.5m/8.2×8.2ft , 3x2m/9.8×6.6ft , 3×2.5m/9.8×8.2ft , 3.2×2.5m/10.5×8.2ft , 3.5×2.5m/11.5×8.2ft , 3.6×2.5m/11.8×8.2ft , 3.8×2.5m/12.5×8.2ft , 4×2.5m/13.1×8.2ft , 4.2×2.5m/13.8×8.2ft , 4.4×2.5m/14.4×8.2ft , 4.6×2.5m/15.1×8.2ft , 4.8×2.5m/15.7×8.2ft , 5×2 .5m/16.4×8.2ft , 5.2×2.5m/17.1×8.2ft , 5.6×2.7m/18.4×8.9ft , 6×2.7m/19.7×8.9ft , 7x3m/23×9.8ft , 7.5x3m/24.6×9.8ft , 8x3m/26.2×9.8ft , 8.5x3m/27.9×9.8ft (customizable)
Color: middle transparent + upper and lower yellow
Hole distance: 50cm
Thickness: 0.5mm
Weight: 500G/㎡
Transparency: 99%
Waterproof index: 100%
Cleaning method: Wash with soap or warm water, but not machine wash.
Sewing method: high frequency heat sealing technology, no pinholes, no water leakage
Instructions for use: Do not use a knife to open the package. Avoid scratching the tarp.
Package includes: 1 tarp

♫Warning: Flammable. This product will ignite and burn if exposed to an open flame.
➤Outdoor waterproof curtains are made of sturdy PVC coated tarpaulin (yellow part) and clear plastic tarpaulin (clear)
➤Built-in grommets: grommets at every 50cm and corners are sturdy double-layer fabric for a firm hold
➤All-Weather Protection: 100% UV-resistant for any coverage need. This fabric protects against rain, snow, sun and dirt. Won’t break even in cold weather
➤Easy to store and carry: Soft and lightweight, easy to fold and carry. Waterproof, UV-resistant, fade-resistant
➤Multifunctional: plant insulation, pergola cover, camping tent, balcony waterproof curtain, dust cover, car cover, barbecue tablecloth, household tarpaulin

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