Children’s Factory-CF349-067 The Whatsit Kids Couch, Toddler Playroom/Homeschool/Bedroom Furniture, Girls/Boys Sofa, Daycare/Classroom Flexible Seating, Gray/Jade


The Whatsit is part couch or two chairs – part play set. It features a 6-piece design with 2 back rests, 2 bottom pieces, and 2 top pieces. Bottom pieces feature dense foam to ensure the sofa will endure wear and tear. Top pieces have softer foam so toddlers, kids, and teens are able to snuggle into their new couch. Material is velvet-soft, high-performance, stain-repellant and is easy to clean. Cover zip on and off in seconds and are machine washable.
YOU BUILD IT COUCH: The Whatsit can be rearranged a hundred ways. Today, kids might pretend The Whatsit ia a shelter they build while exploring a remote island. Next, the pieces might become a wild bronco they ride around the wild west. As the years fly by, teens will think of it as a comfy spot to socialize, eat messy foods & watch TV. The Whatsit is a great value because it will endure many exciting adventures, then transition seamlessly into a favorite hang-out spot.
COUCH OR 2 CHAIRS FOR TEEN SPACE OR DORM ROOM: The Whatsit’s small size makes it perfect for teen hang out spaces and dorm rooms. Easily convert the sofa into two chairs and back into a sofa again. The Whatsit features durable material so teens and young adults can engage in numerous activities without fear of destroying their couch. This piece was designed to withstand the “teen tornado” and come out looking untouched.
STAIN-REPELLANT & MACHINE WASHABLE: The Whatsit’s velvet-soft material is high-performance, stain-repellant and easy to clean. Simply unzip the covers to remove them from the foam cushions. We recommend zipping the covers before placing them in the washing machine. Wash on a delicate cycle using cold water. Line dry. After drying, don’t worry about struggling to get the covers back on the cushions. With zippers on three sides, the covers zip back on the cushions in seconds.
6 PIECE DESIGN: This two-toned sofa features 6 pieces: 2 jade back rests, 2 gray bottom pieces, and 2 jade top pieces. The bottom pieces feature sturdy, dense foam to ensure the sofa will endure a lot of wear and tear. The top pieces have a less dense, softer foam to entice kids, teens and young adults to snuggle into their new couch. The back rests are each 20″L x 9.75″W at the bottom and 3.5″W at the top x 11″H. Bottom pieces each measure 25″L x 28″W x 5″H. Top cushions each measure 25″L x 28″W x 3″H.
Fabric type: 100% Polyester

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