Cairondin Misters for Outside Patio, 26FT Outdoor Misting Cooling System for Garden Backyard Umbrella Canopy Deck Porch Trampoline, 7 Metal Mist Nozzles, a 3/4″ Brass Adapter


Product Description


misters for outside patiomisters for outside patio

Misting cooling system directly use tap water to spray and cool down, no electricity consumption, no energy consumption, save more money for you.

Misting cooling system delivers very fine mist to significantly cool the air in the hottest summer weather.


mister for outside patiomister for outside patio

Misting cooling system not only cool the air, and also irrigate plants, it is widely used in trampoline water park, swimming pool, sun umbrellas, garden, lawn, greenhouse and so on.


Before installation, please check the misting system to ensure that the mist nozzle, misting tube and the tee quick connector are tightly connected.

When connecting the 3/4″ adapter to the faucet, please install a silicone seal to prevent leakage. It is best to add some Teflon tape to make it tighter.

1. Make sure that the tap water pressure is not less than 30 psi.

2. The misting system is a low pressure system and cannot be used for a booster pump.

3. Please ensure that the water is clean and avoid impurities blocking the mist nozzle.

4. Before the winter arrival, drain the water from the misting system to avoid damage by freezing.

【Premium Product Quality】The US standard 3/4″ solid brass adapter is precisely manufactured, you can easily connect it to the garden faucet/hose, and it will not leak. With a filter mat, it can filter impurities in tap water, and avoid impurities blocking the mist nozzle, please clean the filter mat frequently. Premium flexible 1/4″ misting tube is resistant to abrasion and high temperature, and longer life use.
【Leak-proof T-connector】The connector uses a snap-on design, the misting tube, mist nozzle and connector can be tightly connected together without leakage. Each connector is precisely manufactured, has good sealing, and will not leak due to excessive water pressure. By pressing the snap ring part, you can easily install or remove the misting system.
【Lengthen Plug-in Mist Nozzle】Stainless steel plug-in mist nozzle, easy to install or pull out. The lengthen mist nozzle can be tightly connected to the connector without leakage, and will not fly out when spraying. The mist nozzle can be completely disassembled, so very easy to clean the impurities inside. When the mist nozzle is blocked by impurities and can’t spray, you can easily solve it.
【Energy Saving and Clean Air】The misting cooling system directly use tap water to spray and cool down, no electricity consumption, no energy consumption, save more money for you. The misting cooling system continuously provides very fine water mist to absorb the heat in the surrounding air and cool down, so you will have a cool area in the hot summer.
【Wide Use】The mister system not only cooling the air, but also watering the plants. The mister system widely apply for patio backyard garden canopy pool umbrella deck trampoline awning porch gazebo fence chicken coop pergola greenhouse animal cage, etc.

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