Bookcases, Assembled Storage Shelf, Bedroom Living Room Vertical Closet Bookshelf, Double Row 8-Grid Multifunctional Storage Devices (Gray)


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We are committed to creating high-quality and practical products to bring you convenience and beautiful and comfortable life

Use the most popular shelf to organize your space, it is designed for you with high-quality materials and modern style. The stacked three-dimensional design saves your space and is easy to install.

Material: metal tube+ non-woven fabric+ABS plastic In addition to loading books, it can also store items such as clothing, towels, children’s toys, small potted plants, small ornaments, medicines, etc. This shelf not only saves space, but also is more suitable for those who move frequently but are too lazy to take heavy furniture. It is convenient and does not cost too much money.



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The bracket is made of thicker stainless steel, which is more sturdy and durable

The ABS plastic connector perfectly combines the stainless steel tube and the non-woven fabric, which is more stable and has a long service life

Each Storage Cube Measures 14.7 x 11.2 x 10.2”( L x H x W ), efficiently Satisfying Your Daily Storage Needs.

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[Functional application] This shelf can be applied to multiple scenarios, whether it is in the living room, bedroom, study, corridor aisle, you can store books, bags, small vases, artworks, clothes and shoes
[Shelf size] Simple and stylish, stacked installation, there are 8 storage cubes of the same size (14.7 x 11.2 x 10.2″). The overall size of the shipment is 49*31.3*10.8 inch,Each cube can hold approximately 22 lbs
[Shelf characteristics] Easy to assemble, the overall structure is firm after installation, light in weight, easy to move, non-woven barriers are used to prevent items from slipping off due to improper placement, and stains can be easily cleaned up with a wet rag
[High-quality materials] The bookshelf is composed of high-quality metal tubes, ABs plastic joints and non-woven fabrics. It has the characteristics of dustproof and waterproof, strong load-bearing, strong connectivity, environmental protection and health
[Warm tips] Light to medium weight items are more suitable to be placed on the storage of this cube, but overweight items are not recommended to be placed, it is best to put heavier items on the bottom to avoid imbalance or shaking

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