Beast Kingdom Marvel Avengers Infinity War: Iron Man MK50 EAA-070 Egg Attack Action Figure, Multicolor


From Beast Kingdom. With the fate of the universe at hand and the Avengers reaching breaking point with Thanos’ pursuit for the Infinity Stones, Tony Stark needs to up his game yet again, and arguably delivers the pinnacle of his Iron Man suite development! Beast Kingdom proudly introduces the EAA-070 Mark 50 action figure, the most advanced Iron Man battle suit ever developed. Using Nano technology, the entire suit is stored inside the Arc Reactor itself, allowing Tony Stark to summon it at will, and unlike the traditional multi-piece segmented suites, Mark-50 utilizes a much sleeker, ‘organic’ aesthetic, including regenerative abilities. The EAA-070 comes with a host of extras including the battle ready Rupulsor Cannon, prepped to appear anytime to tear down enemies at will. The added flames for the feet and hands really let Iron-Man soar to new heights! So, ready for flight? Attach the removable Nano Boosters on the back to get the jump on any of Thanos’ minions! The vivid metallic red, gold and silver accents are complimented with awesome light up elements in the Arc Reactor & eyes, showcasing the great focus on detail befitting of Stark Industries themselves.
A Beast Kingdom import
Includes the battle ready Rupulsor Cannon
Added flames for the feet and hands really let Iron-Man soar to new heights
Removable Nano Boosters
Light up elements in the Arc Reactor & eyes

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