ASPZQ Outdoor Pergola Curtain with Clear Tarp Panel Rainproof Dust-Proof Gazebo Side Panels for Patio Decor Gazebo & Pergola Drapes, Customizable (Color : Clear+Blue, Size : 3x2m)


Outdoor curtains offer patio shade on demand as well as shelter from wind and cold during winter months. Privacy and reduced cooling costs in the summer are added benefits. For all practical purposes, installing patio shades is like adding another room to your home.

-Name: Transparent Curtain
-Material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
-Process: machine splicing
-Color: Clear+blue
-Thickness: 0.5mm
-Distance between the eyelets: 50cm (Customizable)
-Weight: 500G/㎡
-Waterproof index: 100%
-Hole: Rust-proof metal washer
-Thickness index: ★★★★☆
-Service life: ★★★★★
-Softness index: ★★★★★
-Size: Custom size, if your size is not in the list, please email us
-Easy to clean: Our outdoor cover has a unique design, so it is very easy to clean, you can rinse it with water and let it dry in the sun

Package Contents:
1 x Terrace waterproof transparent curtain

『Product Manual』
☑ Outdoor vinyl curtains, coverings and all indoor/outdoor curtains, and protect them for a long time.
☑ Our curtains are protected all day long and are made of durable heavy-duty materials to provide maximum protection.
☑ These high-quality transparent curtains can effectively cut off external elements and keep the interior warm.
☑ The anti-rust grommet is tear resistant and can bear the weight of the curtain itself.

『Service philosophy』
💕 Our philosophy is to provide the best possible experience for our customers.
✎ WATERPROOF CANVAS: Using high-density woven functional fabrics, green and environmentally friendly, waterproof, abrasion-resistant, cold-resistant, and anti-aging
✎ PVC SOFT GLASS: This waterproof transparent tarp curtain adopts high-quality soft glass transparent window, which has a clear view and windproof and thermal insulation
✎ ANTI-FREEZING AND ANTI-SUN: The product has excellent performance, resistance to folding and no deformation, and can easily survive high temperatures in a low temperature environment. It is an advantageous choice for car wash shops and 4s shops
✎ COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION: Good light transmission and heat preservation, soft and light, waterproof, windproof and dustproof, can be used for windy weather, rain and snow weather, balcony dustproof, dustproof articles, etc
✎ APPLICABLE SCENE: Car wash room, courtyard bar, potted plants, car cover, balcony tarp, balcony rainproof, roof, greenhouse, plant insulation, moisture-proof mat, flower shed, courtyard, pergola, pavilion, exhibition, warehouse; can be used as curtains, door curtains, Vegetable shed, tent

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