Antsky Stainless Steel 3-Way Right Angle Corner Bracket with Screws for 6x6inch(Actual: 5.5×5.5inch) Wood Beams,Pergola/Gazebo Kit (Black Finish)


Notes: 6×6 wood beams’ actual size depends on the wood type and dryness.
We made internal size 5.6×5.6inch of this 3-way corner bracket according to the general size of wood.
We believe that beams actual size larger than 5.5inch is in very rare cases.
Once this happens, we can try sanding and triming the wood beams, to match with the internal size of the corners.
But if we made the conners’ size larger than 5.5inch, there will be a gap between wood beam and the conner wall,
which is difficult to fix.

Material:304 stainless steel, black finishing;
Actual internal size:5.6×5.6inch(142.5mm),This size applies to nominal standard 6″x 6″ wooden post (actual 5.5″x 5.5″ lumbers on market); there is a slight error in the actual size, usually the error is about 1mm;Each angle of corner connector is 90 degrees;
This package comes with 96 pcs 304 SS screws which are applied to wood beams;
This 3-way corners are multi-functional, can be used for building pergola、gazebo,playhouse、tree houses、log cabin and so on;
This 3-way right angle corner makes the installation very simple and easy. It’s made of stainless steel, which is very sturdy and anti-rusty. The structure designed for covering the whole end of wood beam, so that the wood won’t rot by years of rain and sun.

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