Antsky 4×4″(Actual:3.5×3.5inch) Post Stainless Steel Flange Anchor Base with Screws for Deck Railing,Black Finish (4 Pack)


This square post anchor can be used for wooden post of deck railing、 fence、handrail railing、deck、 Pergola、Pavilion、Log cabin and so on.
Material:304 Stainless Steel,Black finish;
Actual inside size:3.58×3.58inch(91×91mm);
This package come with 16 Pcs 5/16″ hex screws and 32 Pcs 3/16″ screws,all the screws are made of stainless steel and can only apply to wood base;
Note: 4×4 wood post’s actual size depends on the wood type and dryness. We made inner diameter 3.5×3.5inch square anchor base according to the genral size of wood. We believe in very rare cases post actual size is larger than 3.5inch. In this case, we can try sanding and triming the wood post, to match with the inner size of the post base.But if we made the post base size over larger than 3.5inch, there will be a gap between wood post and the base, which is difficult to fix.

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